Let's Talk About Sex with Mauriana Calhoun

From Monday to Friday, from 16:00 to 16:30


Mauriana has learned the hard way that “sex sells and love hurts”; Having to distance her psyche from western teachings and actualizing that she was in fact born to be a Sexpert. She sought the sex industry and the psychology of sex in order to become a top earner and multifaceted provider in that field. After the acceptance of ownership of her own body, constant industry ridicule and personal misunderstandings she decided she wanted to change the perception of the sex workers. She began to take a step back from her day to day exploits and sale something even more scandalous than her being, but her actual essence. She owes her academic foundation to: The University of The Arts (Philadelphia P.A.), Bowie State University (Bowie,MD) Loveology University (Los Angeles, CA) and Kinky Academy (San Francisco, CA)

She has decided to become a gatekeeper for sex workers, blowing the horn so that they would not make the same dangerous and unprofitable choices that she’s made along the way. Her platform heels were high, but her provider standards were even higher.

"In order to be the best, one must remember their mind and body are The Brand. The service is simple and if you're safe, you should give your client the ultimate experience every time." she says.

Join Mauri The Sexpert, and explore the wonderful worlds of Sex Work, The Physical & Mental of Sex, Kink and whatever else your devious hearts desire.

Don't be shy, Come Inside!

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